Friday, 19 October 2012

Mar Pollock Lecture

This week we had mark pollock as a speaker during our lecture, unfortunately i was absent so i missed it. Mark pollock Was a rower in the commonwealth games and was in the northern irish team. Mark Pollcok is blind and paralyzed and  does motivational speaking for many organisations

Friday, 5 October 2012

The witness review

In our english class we have just finished watching one of peter weirs films; The Witness. This film is set in 1984 in Pensylvania. The story follows a young amish woman called Rachel Lappe, Her  husband has just died and she and her son are traveling to philadelphia to visit Rachels sister. Things are goin fairly smoothly and they are waiting at bailtimore train station when Rachels son Samuel witnesses a murder of a man which is executed by the corrupt police officer McFee. The police officer John Booke (Harisson Forde) investigates this murder and qucikly becomes entwined in a corruption which goes higher up than he thinks. He retreats to the Amish community and spends most of the film bonding with rachel and avoiding the corrupt policemen.

I Thought this movie had a great storyline and was acted out very well by the various actors. I would give 4 stars because some parts of this movie were boring and dragged on a bit.

Friday, 21 September 2012

My prezi


This weeks lecture was presented by one of the roses from the rose of tralee, and one of the escorts of dublin was also there. They told us about their experiences with their charity work in belarus. They had been working in an orphanage which had been made to take in the children affected by the nuclear waste scattered around chernobyl. They told us how the belarussian government just ignore the children affected by the nuclear waste. I thought this lecture was very informative and really made me think about those affected by the chernobyl disaster.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Diary Entry: Lecture 1

On tuesday this week a holocaust survivor came in to speak to us about his experiences. His name was Zoltan Collis. He was a captive of the war and was trapped in Bergen Belsen. This was a concentration camp which held over 10,000 jews and other minorities. I found this very interesting and i thought it was very brave of him to be able to tell us his stories in detail even though they had efffected him and his family so much.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Inis Mor trip

In The first week of transition year our whiole year went on a trip, half of them going to donegal and the other half going to the aran islands. I was on the trip to Inis Mor, the biggest if the Aran islands. Most of my group got the bus from school to the ferry in Galway but i was already in Galway so my mum dropped me to the harbour where the ferry was set to leave. we got the ferry which took over 45 minutes to the harbour on inis mor. there were too hostels on the island, one which was close to the sea and another which was further inland. I was in the hostel which was further inland. The hostel was cramped and the sheets were damp which was pretty horrible... On the first day we got up early and had breakfast (Coffee and cornflakes). We spent the majority of the first day walking around the island, with a tour guide pointing out various landmarks and monuments. Later that night we had a table quiz and my table came 4th

The second day was a lot more action packed as we had a cycle around the island... This was funny at parts because some people were ridiculousy unfit and other just didnt know how to ride a bike. We finished the trip with a ceile which was pretty fun. All in all it was a good trip and it was a great oppurtunity to bond with people who i usually wouldn't

Gav out.